Jam Sessions

One simple general store I go to has a makeshift collection of cast-off chairs and couches ringing the walls. When it’s a jam night, they pull out folding chairs and fill the space to the rafters. In the summer, the doors and windows are flung open to let in the slim breeze and during the winter everyone jockeys for a position closest to the groaning old oil stove set in the middle of the room.

“Rank Stranger” performed by AJ, Ken & friends at the Creeper Trail Cafe
>>> Local Bluegrass Legends
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5 comments to Jam Sessions

  • I just wanted to let all of you know that Archie here has played on my front porch, as well as a few of his fine friends.

    Archie has been an influential part of my life offering his hand to me in quite a few many ways. He is also, in my opinion one of the most gifted people I have ever encountered and he is a cut up to be around.

    I hope this website is a smashing success. In fact I am going to download a link to this site on a few sites that I have had some of my work published.

  • Jerry McCloud

    Nice job, AJ!

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    Wow, it’s a great info!

  • Dave

    I wonder why you and your group don’t put new videos on..I must say your work has come a long way. I saw your show in the Ralph Stout Park in Mtn City, Tenn and you guys were ‘smoking’ the singing and playing was great. Your banjo player is gonna be a ‘force’ to be reckoned with soon and your comic comments are darn good. Love your history on the song “wreck of ol 97′and then the song sung in your deep voice

  • aj

    Thanks Dave
    Well we do hope to put on a few new videos. It’s a ‘New Year’, I have gotten a new lease on life (Thank you Lord) and now I hope to do more music, dancing woodworking and lawn landscaping this year and in the future.
    We are doing our ‘music’ Saturday nites at a little community called Sugar Creek, Tn. at the ‘store’. It’s outa Mountain City, tn. and it’s not on the map but come to Damascus,Va. and you are 3 1/2 miles from it.
    Just ask directions, it’ll be towards Taylors Valley, another little community.
    We’d love ‘ta have you’ so come on up around 6:45 pm and join in or just join us to listen and laff.
    Gotta run, feed the chickens, slop th hogs, milk th cow and feed the hounds, and see another glorious day come forth.
    ‘Ya’ll come now heer’, lol

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